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Bulgakov’s Heart Of A Dog Essay

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End of the late 80s. Russia is at the turning point of it’s history. Everything around transforms in something new: the political structure, the lifestyle, and the way of thinking. At these new times people get opportunity to read books which had only been passed under the cloud of a night from one hands to another. One of those books is Bulgakov’s “Heart of a Dog”. Almost immediately after the book’s publication, director Vladimir Bortko makes a screen version of “Heart of a Dog”. It is considered one of the best adaptations of Bulgakov’s works, and is widely praised in public. Popularity of this adaptation is not accidental. The movie “Heart of a Dog” is showed through the eyes of a person from 80s. The person who is fed up with proletarian oppression and who craves for the future, which is free from communism. Bortko supports public moods and creates basically anti-communism movie. In pursuit of the approval of a crowd, the director produces distorted adaptation of Bulgakov’s story. This forces to consider how political situation and the whole spirit of the society influences screen adaptation of the book.
The story Heart of a Dog brings us to the flat of outstanding surgeon of 20s who makes money by rejuvenation operations. One day he decides to experiment with his work on restoring youth by injecting hypophysis of a dead man into the brain of the stray dog Sharik. However, everything goes completely wrong when Sharik starts to turn into human. Unexpected transformation leads to arrogant and ungrateful person Poligraf Sharikov. He is rude with people, drinks a lot, harasses women, and with all of that is firmly convinced in his rightness. Sharikov gets acquainted with the communist Shvonder, and starts to share communist views with him. Poligraf Sharikov accuses upper class for their excess wealth and proposes to divide everything between commons. He threatens Bormnetal, professor’s assistant, with a gun. The last drop on the professor’s nerves is a denunciation to the authorities from Sharikov. Professor cannot stand his misbehavior anymore and turns him back into the harmless dog.
At the first sight Bulgakov’s “Heart of a Dog” can be interpreted as a funny story, but in fact is a veiled satira on the Soviet society of 20s. Author illustrates the confrontation...

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