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Bull Fight Essay

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About 2 years ago, my mom, my dad, my younger brother, and I went to Spain. We traveled on a tour to Seville in the southern part of the country. While visiting there I went to my first bullfight. We purchased our tickets at a window at the front of the bullring. When my dad bought the tickets, he had three seating choices. There were seats in the sun area, the sun and shade area, and the shade area. My dad bought tickets for the sun and shade area of the arena. We took our seats and waited for the fight to begin. First, a colorful parade of young bullfighters came out to greet the enormously noisy crowd. The raging bull came charging into the ring. There were beginner matadors who teased the bull with a pink and yellow cape to tire it out. Then a matador, seated upon a horse covered in protective armor, rode in with a long spear in his hand. The horse charged the bull, and when the horse got close enough, the matador stabbed the bull in the back with the spear. The mad bull started to bleed profusely. My mom kept saying to me, "All I wanted to do is sit and smell the flowers." She was quoting from the children's story, Ferdinand, the Bull. Her comments were extremely annoying! Now the bull was weak but was very mad. Two men called picadors came out into the bullring. Each one of them had four small but very sharp spears. Waving their spears at the bull,...

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