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Bullied Past The Breaking Point Essay

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(Imagine a kid being bullied to the point of them not wanting to live. Kimmie was one kid out of many who dealt with the situation of being harassed. She told her mother that kids at school were bullying her because of her weight and how she looked. Kimmie’s mom ignored her thinking she was over reacting, little did she know she was not. Kimmie would receive daily threats online telling her to “kill herself” and saying things like “Why are you still alive?” The next morning after Kimmie’s mom dropped her off at school she ditched class and went into an abandoned apartment building down the block to wait for the school day to be done, so she would not have to face the kids who tormented her. At the end of the day Kimmie made sure to be at the school before her mom picked her up, because she knew that if her mom found out, she would not understand her reason behind skipping school. After many weeks’ Kimmie’s mom started to notice that she was not talking as much as she used to, and she was not participating in family activities. Kimmie’s mom ignored it thinking it was a phase she was going thorough because she was getting older. A couple months later Kimmie’s grades dropped, and she skipped many school days just so she could to go to that abandoned apartment building. With no one to talk to about her problem’s Kimmie had to deal with them by herself. Soon she starting to deal with an eating disorder because she was not happy with the way she looked. She also started to self-harm. Kimmie lost all hope, and she started to believe no one cared about her. Still not happy with herself, Kimmie then committed suicide. Her body was found by an abandoned apartment building down the block from her school. Police say she jumped from the roof. Once people at school found out, they held an assembly in honor of her life. Kimmie was a bright, smart, and energetic kid. At only 13 years old she took her own life because she thought she was not good enough. She will never get to experience her first job. She will never find a husband, have children, and live a long and happy life. Kimmie’s life ended all because of those kids who thought it would be fun to bully her and make her feel bad about herself. Our society needs to be more aware of the horrible aftermath like suicide that bullying can have on children and teens today. ) Hypothetical
All of us, at one time or another, has heard of someone attempting or committing suicide. Bullying includes physical bullying such as someone getting into a fight with another person, and emotional bullying such as hurtful words being said to the victim. It also takes the form of cyberbullying which is threats and hurtful words sent to someone over the internet using social media, and sexting such as sending nude photos of one self to someone. On TV we always see movies or television shows of someone being bullied or bullying others. For example “The Ant Bully”, “Hey Arnold”, “Rugrats”, etc. Kids and teens grow up watching these...

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