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People’s negative actions at times are products of baneful expectations. Native Son, is a novel written by Richard Wright. This novel focuses on Bigger Thomas’s struggle when living life in Chicago in the 1930s, with the burden of a racist society. Thomas’s sins are evoked by society’s negative influence due to society’s idea of equality.

Thomas’s sins are evoked by society because society besieges Thomas’s conscious. Bigger Thomas is the oldest offspring in a poor African American family, he is constantly depended on financially but hardly commits. A mother’s love is never expressed to Thomas, instead he is told multiple times that he is an ignoble child due to his lack of docility. Thomas hangs out with his friends as a form of releasing stress. One afternoon Thomas and his friend, Gus are conversating about their society’s discrimination,Thomas vents to Gus by stating, “It’s like fire...And sometimes you can’t hardly breath...That’s when i feel like something awful’s going to happen to me. It’s like I was going to do something I can’t help/”(24). Society’s negative influence besieges Thomas conscience because when society prohibits things from blacks it hurts Thomas. When Thomas hurts he lacks the knowledge of positively mending his wounds because love has not been expressed towards him. The only solution of gratifying his pain that Thomas can use is causing harm to others, because society accepts this heinous behavior from blacks. Negativity is expected from blacks even before they are born according to society, this influence abates Thomas to commit harm. When Thomas states that an ominous encounter is going to occur to him, it shows that Thomas is aware of the hostility future that blacks are destined to. Thomas’s sins are evoked by society because society portrays animosity towards blacks.

Thomas’s sins are evoked by society because society does not accept blacks as people. Society’s hatred leads Thomas to murder two females because committing deaths is the only way that Thomas experiences superiority. When Thomas murders Bessie, he is running away from the authority due to to Mary’s death. An abandoned building is the only aegis that Thomas has against the police, when in hiding Thomas contemplates the reason for his crimes, “It was when he...went to the movies, or walked along the streets with crowds, that he felt what he wanted: to merge himself with others and be a part of this world...to be allowed a chance to live like others, even though he was black/”(226). Society’s refusal of blacks as humans evokes Thomas’s crimes because he believes that committing murder in a way is accepted by society. Society abets blacks to do wrong because they do not want blacks to succeed. Thomas gives in to the stereotype of blacks because society’s savage perspective on blacks, is the only guide in life that Thomas has. The crimes that Thomas...

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