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Photos of Mt. Mayapay,
Agusan valley and forests
show photos of mount Mayapay
Show photos of logging
show photos of natural resources
show a picture of gold
show photos of mining
Show a clip of datu malinggat saying these statements

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Looming southwest of the Agusan Valley is a majestic mountain plateau that once was a bountiful home for wild animals and humans alike and a source of potable water to locals. It was also a key figure in harmonizing nature and its inhabitants.
Mt. Mayapay is a prominent natural landmark in Butuan City. Its plateau formation is the predominant feature that serves as backdrop of the city. It is the highest peak of Butuan City-Buenavista mountain ranges with an elevation of 675 meters above sea-level.
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Its name is a combination of words from the Manubo-Lapaknon dialect "maya" meaning "to worship" and "paypay" denoting the kind of grass that grows in the mountain resembling a shape of a fan.
The Butuanons treasure Mount Mayapay dearly. It serves as a watershed and a source of livelihood. It also functioned as a navigational landmark for the travelers and merchants in the olden times.
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But the more it appealed to society, the less society appealed to it. A mountain often under looked, appreciated only through the eyes of the locals. Though it has been given attention, it still seeks to be seen not just through the eyes but through the heart as well. Amidst the greenery that it offers, through the lackluster attention that is has been given, is a story untold.
This is the long cry of agony of Butuanons' dear Mayapay, a mountain unheard of to the entirety of our country but served the city of Butuan well.
Mayapay existed long before there was the Philippines, but now it's existence has been put to the test. And probably will be laid to rest.
Logging has denuded the once verdant mountain, instead of seeing greenery at its best one gets to see drudgery at its worst.
Loggers did not just cut off certain kinds of trees, they are cutting a bond that nature and mankind shares.
Mt. Mayapay is also blessed with natural resources; from valuable stones to rare gems.
But gold is the prominent element that is being mined and is still being extracted from the bowels of dear Mount Mayapay.
Mining has really took its toll in
Mayapay, it has stripped this majestic mount of land into a lifeless mound.
"Mt. Mayapay is very different now, compared to when my family, my grandfather in particular Datu Mayapay also known as...

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