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"Bullies" Book Report For Child Guideance At Ccccd

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Bullies"The Get Along Gang and the Big Bully" Written by Margo LundellIllustrated by Darrell BakerThis story is about a group of animals that hang out together. One of them is really mean to the others. The group got together and had a meeting with out him around. They decided they would ignore him since he just wants attention. He caused them to get kicked out of the ice cream shop. As they are leaving they tell him they don't want him going with them. He ends up saving their club house by tricking another town bully and learns a valuable lesson and they decide he can hang out with them again.I think this book would be good for children ages five to eleven. It's a really good story that is easy to understand and could be used with older students by going more in depth.I think using the animals instead of kids makes it appealing to children. Also the bright, colorful pictures help out some too.This book describes bullies well. It tells that they want attention and it also says that you have to not be afraid of them. I think this story could help both bullies and the victims of bullies.VocabularyBulliesScaredAfraidAgreeGlaredTroubleIgnoreAttentionFuriousAngryStupidMeanLesson PlanGRADE LEVEL: K-5MATERIALS:Video "Groark Learns about Bullying" from video series "Prevent Violence with Groark"Book "The Get Along Gang and the Big Bully"Question SheetColoring PagesPaperPuppetsCrayonsMarkersOBJECTIVE(s):CHILDREN LEARN:* To recognize different forms of bullying behavior--in themselves as well as in others.* What's wrong with being a bully.* Why they should never participate in bullying situations.OVERVIEW:Sometimes it is difficult to know what is or is not bullying. Often, actions start out just being fun, but may at some point actually turn into bullying. If you are not sure whether something has become bullying, stop and think and ask yourself these questions:1. Are my actions or words hurting someone else's feelings?2. Are my actions or words hurting someone else physically or making that person feel afraid?3. Would I want someone else to do this to me?4. Am I unfairly taking my anger out on someone?5. Am I trying to control someone against his or her will?We are going to watch a video where Groark is playing with his friends when two of them start teasing and picking on a third one (Nubbs). As the situation escalates Groark gets drawn in, and, before he realizes it, Groark is picking on his best friend. When Nubbs goes off crying, Groark doesn't understand what happened until he learns from a group of real children how he and the others were being bullies, and how hurtful that was to the victim. Groark returns to the playground, convinces the other kids that they have been cruel and unfair,...

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