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Bulling Essay

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Fraiz, 1Fraiz, AlexandraENC1101Prof. Diana EpelbaumOctober 18, 2012Classical Argument EssayCan we stop it?"I am not insane, I am angry. I killed because people like me are mistreated every day. I did this to show society, push us and we will push back. ... All throughout my life, I was ridiculed, always beaten, always hated… Can you, society, truly blame me for what I do? Yes, you will. ... It was not a cry for attention; it was not a cry for help…It was a scream in sheer agony saying that if you can't pry your eyes open, if I can't do it through pacifism, if I can't show you through the displaying of intelligence, then I will do it with a bullet." -Luke Woodham (qtd in Harris VI-VII)On the morning of October 1st, 1997, Luke Woodham fatally stabbed and killed his sleeping mother, Mary Woodham. Luke drove his mother's car to Pearl High School wearing an orange jumpsuit and a rifle which he didn't attempt to hide (Ramsland). When he entered he fatally shot Christina Menefee, his formal girlfriend and her friend Lydia Kaye Dew (Ramsland). After he entered the school, he shot Jeff Cannon (assistant band director) who was standing five feet away from Dew (Ramsland). On his way out attempting to drive off campus and conduct another shooting at the nearby Pearl Junior High School, he killed seven more students. However the principal director Joel Myrick asked him softly "Why did you shoot my kids?" to which Woodham replied, "Life has wronged me, sir" (Harris VII). A lot of stories like this one have occurred over and over in the United States. The main question that I ask myself is why does this need to happen? Why does it need to get to that point? I am studying why there is bullying in the United States and there is not significant evidence that it does exists in Venezuela. Perhaps I can help my readers understand how bulling can negatively affect the academic achievements for students in American schools as well as in an active society in the future.Bullying has been a very controversial topic all around the world. But, what is it really? The Oxford Dictionary recognizes, it as a "use of superior strength or influence to intimidate someone, typically to force him or her to do what one wants". Another important point of view would be that of the teens in question. They feel that bullying is repeatedly saying nasty or unpleasant things or constantly excluding a student. For them it is not bullying when two students that have the same strength get into a fight. Nor when they jokingly make fun of each other while hanging out among friends. For me bullying is a horrible phenomenon, which can be experienced by any human being during the course of his or her life; this happens more commonly between the ages of 7 to 18 years old. This abusive tendency can cause important behavioral changes and in some cases suicide. It doesn't matter with which definition you feel more comfortable with, the important thing is to leave clear the fact that it is...

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1671 words - 7 pages addiction. Some of these adolescents have been victims of cyber bulling. Spears and Costabile (2012) address cyber bulling and its effects on school-aged children in 28 European countries and 2 non-Cost countries mainly Ukraine and Australia. They maintain that though modern technology has contributed to the rise in cyber bulling of many adolescents, modern technology can be used for reducing cyber bulling. They maintain that ways should be

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1249 words - 5 pages to consider suicide. Laws for bulling are different for each state and country. Although most states have laws against bullying not all of them have cyber bullying. The states where there are laws passed are usually the places that have had a great problem with it. The other states usually wait until there is something to be fixed, which is wrong because of the problems all around it should be a national law. Kids bully for a variety of

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