Bulls, Bears And Golden Calves: A Thorough Overview With A Christian Perspective Of Economic And Ethical Analysis

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John Stapleford’s book, Bulls, Bears, and Golden Calves, provides a thorough overview with a Christian perspective of economic and ethical analysis. He reviews the moral challenges of macro, micro, and international economic issues. Stapleford covers a variety of important public policy issues such as self-interest, economic efficiency, and private property rights. He begins the book by laying a foundation of ethical thought and an analytical framework. Stapleford provides a Biblical perspective on the practical issues facing our current society. For example, there are three billion people in the world who live on less than $2 a day (Stapleford, 2009). The wealthy Americans continue to get richer. The greed and lawlessness of America’s corporate boardrooms is increasing. Legalized gambling continues to increase every year. The expansion of pornography and its accessibility to America’s younger generations has become a rapidly growing epidemic (Stapleford, 2009). This text is grounded solidly in biblical principles. A number of the problems he discusses are not specifically addressed in the Bible, but one of the author's strengths is to develop a Christian rationale for contemporary issues, based on biblical principles. An example of this skill is found in his forceful chapter on "False Hope . . . The Boom in Legalized Gambling" (Stapleford, 2009).
Bulls, Bears, and Golden Calves provides useful information on many policy issues and is stimulating in encouraging reflection on an ethical framework to apply alongside economic analysis. Stapleford provides relevant statistics and applicable principles for each topic and incorporates some “history of economic thought,” especially the work of Adam Smith (Stapleford, 2009). Stapleford also emphasizes that God gives individuals unique and different gifts, resulting in various effects on their market-based earning power. He explains property rights, their practical need in our society, and the Biblical and ethical implications. Stapleford places great emphasis on the blend of ethics and economics
In the beginning of the book, he says “ethics is inexorably intertwined with economic life and analysis” (Stapleford, 2009).
Stapleford presents a strong analysis of economic issues with a Christian perception that aligns with Biblical truths. He urges his audience to avoid the temptation of idolatry and materialism but to live a selfless life of sacrifice. Stapleford claims that “there is sanctity in all of labor, and without God’s involvement human labor is futile. In whatever we do, Christians are to do it heartily as unto the Lord, for we do not labor for the food that perishes but for the food that endures to everlasting life” (Stapleford, 2009).
The theme of overemployment is a current problem in the United States. Americans are overworked. Workload has increased and society has experienced a loss of leisure. Overemployment and overworked can be defined as negative effects that...

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