Bully And Bullying: What A Student Thinks About Bullying

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Bullying is becoming a more and more common problem facing our young society in the United States. Lots of kids have been bullied by their peers. Many children react in different ways, and the movie BULLY documents children being bullied and their reactions to being bullied. It documents how their families are affected, and the effects of bullying on children. Bullying should never ever be allowed.

In the movie BULLY, five children are bullied. Two of these children commit suicide, one takes a gun on the bus to threaten the people bullying her, one moves away, and one takes constant abuse from the bullies. I only believe that one of these situations was handled correctly, and that is the situation of Kelby. She tried to let people adjust to having her around, but when they kept treating her badly, she and her family moved away from the problem. Having to move away from where you live isn’t ideal, but if the problem isn’t getting fixed, sometimes it’s best to remove yourself from the situation.

The bullying situations in the movie that I felt weren’t handled correctly were the remaining four of the five children and situations documented. Ty killed himself when he was only eleven years old because he felt like there was no way to solve the problem. Obviously that situation wasn’t handled well if Ty ended up taking his own life. Tyler committed suicide when he was seventeen because he was being bullied. Again, obviously taking his own life wasn’t the right way to handle things. Ja’Meya took a gun on the bus to threaten students who were bullying her. Violence, especially violence that has the possibility to end with fatalities, is never the right answer. Alex was bullied on the bus and at school. He continually reported the bullying to his parents and to school authorities, but the school authorities never did anything about it, even after Alex’s parents went to the school twice. The movie doesn’t go into detail about how Ty and Tyler were being bullied, so I don’t know what I would have done differently in that situation, other than keep reporting the problem and eventually switch schools if the problem didn’t get solved. In the situation of Ja’Meya, I would have done the same; continually report the problem, then leave if it didn’t get any better. In Alex’s case, I believe his parents handled the situation the best they could, but the effort extended by the school was far from satisfactory. The principal or other school authorities could have switched Alex or the kids who were bullying him to a different bus. They could have punished the bullies. They had many opportunities to do the right thing, and they didn’t.

From watching this movie, I learned that while physical bullying isn’t very...

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