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Questions And Answer About Bullying, Types Of Justice And Motivation

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reduced. All the employees needs to be trained to work in safe workplace to reduce workplace bullying.
Workers also need to do something in order to prevent them from being a workplace bullying victim. Workers should not look like a weaker person that other people can easily manipulate and bully them. As the conclusion, the workplace bullying may be reducing its occurrence with the help of all people in the organization.
Question 1
Workplace bullying demonstrates a lack of which one of the three types of organizational justice?
According to Jerald Greenberg, organizational justice is refers to an employee’s perception of their organization behaviors, decisions and actions and how these influence the employees own attitudes and behaviors at work. This term is closely connected to the concept of fairness. Employees who are sensitive to decisions made on by their employers will judge these decisions as unfair or fair. These judgments influence an individual’s behavior and can have a personal effect on the employee and are judged as unfair, lead to workplace deviance.
According to Sungjoo Choi on the article: Organizational Justice and Employee Work Attitudes: The Federal Case stated that organizational scientists have claimed that organizational justice is an essential requirement for effective organizational management.
There are 3 types of organizational justice:

Diagram 1
Types of organizational justice
Distributive justice is the one most strongly related with job satisfaction, trust in management and turnover intention of employees among three attributes of organizational justice. Distributive justice focuses on results and results that are fair for everyone. Distributive justice or economic justice is concerned with giving all members of society a fair share of the benefits and resources available. Some possible criteria of distributive justice are equity, equality, and need. Equity means that one's rewards should be equal to one's contributions to a society, while equality means that everyone gets the same amount, regardless of their input. Distribution on the basis of need means that people who need more will get more, while people who need less will get less (Michelle Maiese, July 2003). Fair allocation of resources, or distributive justice, is crucial to the stability of an organization and the well-being of its members. When issues of distributive justice are inefficiently distribute and the item to be distributed is highly valued, conflicts will frequently result.
Procedural justice concentrates on the methods and actions that should be fair for everyone. Michelle Maiese also stated that procedural justice is concerned with making and implementing decisions according to fair processes that ensure a fair treatment. Rules must be fairly followed and consistently practical in order to generate an unbiased decision. Those who carrying out the procedures should be neutral, and those who directly affected by the decisions should have...

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