Bullying Carried Too Far: Cyber Bullying And Violent Bullying

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“How easy it would be if I could glide through these halls without even making a ripple. Slide through the days, months, years of school and emerge safe and unscarred on the other side,” is what Kerbel says her feelings are about going to school. (Kerbel, 2011, p.120) Many students, like Kerbel, want to become invisible due to bullying because they feel like not being seen or heard will solve their problems. In a recent survey, about 160,000 students in the United States will not go to school because they are scared of the bullying that will happen. Bullying has gone from toilet swirling to life threatening events happening all over the world. Almost three million students worldwide, according to statistics done in 2010, are victims of bullying and two million students are the bully. Even though bullying is a part of growing up, cyberbullying and violent bullying happening in school today has children taking matters into their own hands.
Bullying by Definition
“Bullying is unwanted, deliberately hurtful behavior that is repeated over a period of time. Bullying is often about an imbalance of power- bullies may use their physical strength, popularity, or something they know about another person to harm or control others.” (World Book, 2014, P.4) The sporadic and dramatic events that occur in everyday life are not the same as bullying. When bullying occurs, there are three things that take place. One, the bullies feel the power over their victims and purposely try to do physical harm. Two, the bullying will occur often over time. In other words, a person, who may have been involved in an after school fight, is not considered a victim of bullying. The behavior from the bully is usually repetitive. Three, it not only involves kicking and hitting, but also conducting behaviors such as spreading rumors.
There are four different forms of bullying broken into direct bullying and indirect bullying. Direct bullying occurs when the victim experiences things like name-calling, an example of verbal bullying, or being punched, an example of physical bullying. Indirect bullying occurs when the victim experiences things like getting left out of an activity, an example of social bullying, or being harassed on a social media site, an example of cyberbullying. In grades kindergarten through 12th grade, one in seven students is either a bully or the victim, according to a new bullying statistic in 2010. (Bullying Statistics 2010, 2013) So, even though it seems like a bully is better than their victims, in actuality there is something causing them to behave cruelty, like problems at home.
Direct Bullying
The most common form of bullying is verbal bullying with about 77 percent of students becoming victims. (School Bullying Statistics, 2013) When verbal bullying takes place, it is usually in a public place where the bully knows the victims will be embarrassed and upset. Bullies will also take every opportunity to ridicule verbally to...

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