Bullying At The Elementary Age Essay

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No matter where you go, bullying is just around the corner. There’s no certain age for anyone to become a bully. Movies make it high school the biggest place for bullies to be created; but in the real world, that’s not the case. Bullying is a serious issue and can happen anywhere at any time to anyone.
Bullying within an elementary school begins right from the very first day of school. By the end of Kindergarten, over 20% of students report being bullied within that year. By the end of elementary school, 9 out of 10 students report being bullied at one time or another. The students, who bully during elementary school, are more likely to have it carry on with them for their middle school and school years. The aggressive and violent behaviors towards students in elementary school not only carry on after graduation from high school, but they end up having criminal records.
While peer bullying can happen anywhere within the school, elementary school students report being less safe out on the playground. Students feel less safe on the playground due to the lack of supervision outside the classroom. There should be outside monitors during recess for students so bullies are less likely to be aggressive towards their targets.
Who are the main targets of being bullied? Children who are shy because of their appearance or race become the target for constant verbal and sometimes physical abuse. The main reason of being bullied is by someone’s temperament. The bullies look at how someone acts. If they’re cautious, sensitive, quiet, withdrawn, passive, shy, unhappy, and even distressed. Also by body language. Those who are clumsy, afraid of being hurt, weak at sports or fights are always the last ones to be chosen for teams. Students who are bullied often have a history of insecure...

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