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Bullying: A Growing Epidemic. Essay

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"A nation without a conscience is a nation without a soul. A nation without a soul is a nation that cannot live."-Winston Churchill.You're fat! You're ugly! Your skinny! You stink! You're Hopeless! How many times have you heard this said to someone you know or even to yourself? Maybe it's just been to tease and not really meant to hurt. You know - "just kidding" this type of behavior may have been tolerated in the past, but no longer. Due to increased violence in High School, schoolyard bullies will no longer be tolerated. Bullying has a serious epidemic among schools."A new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association says bullying is a serious, widespread problem. Of more than 15,000 U.S. students in grades 6 through 10, almost 30 percent said they were occasionally or frequently involved in bullying. Over 13 percent of these kids were involved as the bully. Another 11 percent of these kids were the target of bullying. Lastly, only 6 percent of these kids were involved as both a bully and a target." (NY-WABC) "Being bullied is not just an unpleasant rite of passage through childhood," said Duane Alexander, M.D., director of the NICHD. "It's a public health problem that merits attention. People who were bullied as children are more likely to suffer from depression and low self esteem, well into adulthood, and the bullies themselves are more likely to engage in criminal behavior later in life." (National Institutes of Health)Many people can look at a situation, but not actually know if bullying is taking place or not. Bullying is any "abusive behavior by one or more students against a victim or victims. It can be a direct attack -- teasing, taunting, threatening, stalking, name-calling, hitting, making threats, coercion, and stealing." (Focus Adolescent Services) Bullying can also be done in less direct attacks, such as gossiping and intentional exclusion."Victims of bullying suffer consequences beyond embarrassment. Some victims experience psychological and/or physical distress, are frequently absent and cannot concentrate on schoolwork. Research generally shows that victims have low self-esteem, and their victimization can lead to depression that can last for years after the victimization." (Center for Problem -Oriented Policing)There are a lot of reasons why some people bully. They may see it as a way of being popular, or making themselves look tough and in charge. Some bullies do it to get attention or things, or to make other people afraid of them. Others might be jealous of the person they are bullying. They may be being bullied themselves. Some bullies may not even understand how wrong their behavior is and how it makes the person being bullied feel.Some young people are bullied for no particular reason, but sometimes it's because they are different in some way. Perhaps it's the color of their skin, the way they talk, their size or their name. Sometimes young people are bullied because they look like they won't stand up for...

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2048 words - 8 pages epidemic that is growing at an alarming rate, not only in our country but in the world. Everyone needs to become educated and properly understand what he or she can do to stop bullying. Works Cited de Bruyn, E. H., Cillessen, A. N., & Wissink, I. B. (2010). Associations of Peer Acceptance and Perceived Popularity with Bullying and Victimization in Early Adolescence. Journal of Early Adolescence, 30(4), 543-566. doi:10.1177

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