Bullying: A Repetitious Epidemic Essay

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“New bullying statistics for 2010 revealed about one in seven students in grades kindergarten through 12th grade is either a bully or has been a victim of bullying” (“Bullying Statistics 2010”). How does a person detect whether someone is being bullied? “A person is bullied when he or she is exposed, repeatedly over time, to negative actions on the part of one or more other persons, and he or she has difficulty defending himself or herself” (Olweus). Bullying takes place more in middle school because they are trying to fulfill a strong need for power, fit-in with their peers, and satisfy their pain. “Fear of being excluded by peers leads to by-standing, if the teen is aware of a bullying situation and decides to stay away or not get involved” (Vassar 26). Bully victims are targeted due to their sexuality, gender, religion, disabilities, and interests. 71 percent of the victims report bullying as an on-going problem. The effects of bullying can be best understood through the types of bullying, consequences of bullying, and legal policies prohibiting all forms of bullying.
“School bullying can be physical, verbal, sexual, emotional, racial, religious, [cyber] or a combination of these forms” (Vassar 19). Physical bullying involves: hitting, pushing, tripping, slapping, and spitting; physical bullying may cross the line of sexual bullying. It is a serious problem that is affecting the bully, victim, and witnesses. This usually occurs with males and also can happen with females, whom are usually stronger than their victims. Middle school is the age when bullying is common because they are attempting to fit in with others their age. Signs of someone who is a victim of bullying include: damaged clothing, returning home with cuts, bruises, or other injuries, sadness or depression. If a student is a victim of bullying, talk to them and let them know they are not at fault with what is happening to them. Avoid encouraging the victim to retaliate. The best way to deal with bullies is to have very little interaction with them.
Verbal bullying, involving name-calling, and intimidation, can cause low self-esteem and depression in emotional and psychological ways. The goal is to degrade and demean the victim. Girls use verbal bullying to demonstrate their superiority and power and boys use it for domination. It can be difficult for an adult to detect verbal bullying because there is no physical harm taking place. Though it may only be verbal, it can have physical consequences. Reluctance to go to school, complaints of being disliked and lasting depression are signs that a student is experiences verbal bullying. Ignoring the bully, reporting the situation to an adult, remaining calm and looking for sources of enjoyment are ways to deal with the bully. It may be difficult to end verbal bullying, but setting a good example can help reduce it by speaking kindly to someone and not being rude.
Sexual bullying is the act of unwanted touching, obscene gestures,...

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