Bullying: A Terrible Cruelty Essay

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Do you have any close friends? A girl named Ally Del Monte did, but they completely abandoned her after gaining a little weight from her Thyroid disorder medication. They quickly went from a normal everyday group of friends to Ally against the others. Ally resorted to cutting herself and even tried to overdose on her dad’s blood pressure medication (CNN 1). Originally, they were all friends, but imagine if they never were friends in the first place. The situation could have gone to a whole new level because Ally’s “friends” would have no reason to hold back a little since they never knew her for who she was in the first place. Everything ties together if you look at it in a big picture. Bullying can be hard to pick out because the victim sometimes hides their emotions or it is happening in private and they can’t expresses themselves to anybody. The differences in the ways boys and girls bully is related to that because girls tend to cyber bully while boys tend to lean towards physical bullying. A cyber bully is much less likely to get caught if they do a good job of staying anonymous. Bullying is a huge problem no matter what the situation. Verbal, physical, and cyber bullying are equally destructive and need to be halted.

Bullying happens when one person feels like they have power over another and they abuse their power in a negative way. It can be hard to detect because of the current severity, the victim is not good at expressing feelings or simply they are embarrassed to tell the truth especially if their bully is an old friend. Sadly, researchers estimate 20 to 30 percent of school-age children are involved in some sort of bullying conflict. Some effects of bullying are dropping grades (rather than listen to their teachers, they are thinking of what the bully is going to do next), frequent crying, not wanting to go to school and having a poor self image. With all of that weighing down on that you, it can really change your life (Bullying and Teasing: No Laughing Matter).

There aren’t many things boys and girls do exactly the same. Bullying is an example. Guys tend to bully in a more physical way. They usually push, kick, slap, punch or engage in simple fistfights. Girl’s bully indirectly with their friends, sometimes sharing hurtful things about others without telling it to them directly. Girls sometimes create mean names, gossip, or just let someone know they can’t be part of their group in very harsh ways. Some of these ways include… death threats through text, harassment on social networking or sending an intimidating email to everyone on their email list. Male and...

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