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Bullying: A Threat To Society Essay

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Bullying is an issue that is a problem in society today. Bullying is any kind of unwanted behavior to an individual on repeated occasions which is a display of power over someone. Bullying is mainly common among students in school, and unfortunately, it happens in other places like at home between parents and children, and on rare occasions, among adults. When people began to identify bullying for what it is, it was only known as a physical aggression towards others, but over the course of time, bullying has moved from just physical bullying to verbal bullying, and power abuse in the workplace between co-workers in different ranks. In a book called Welfare Brat: A Memoir, Mary was bullied in school by boys on the streets, and unfortunately, she was verbally bullied by her mom. Bullying among children in the society is caused by different reasons, and affects its victims negatively.
Knowing the types of ways an individual can be bullied is important. The common type of bullying is among children in school, which in most cases, happens physically: whereby the child is beaten, which Mary and her brother Ralph experienced while growing up. For example, Mary’s brother on several occasions went home from school with bruises which he got from being hit by his classmates. Physical bullying occurs when a student is trying to gain power over peers and to get such power, him or her results to hitting, which in return is detrimental to the victim. Physical bullying is the easiest type of bullying to be identified, thereby, making it a little bit easier to stop or control.
Verbal bullying occurs when someone uses language to gain power over his or her peers, which happens with insulting classmates, teasing them because of their lack of abilities, or calling them offensive names based on their appearance. When Mary started high school, she was called several names like “Monkey,” “Punk,” “Hairy Mary,” and “Scary Mary.” (140). Verbal bullying is one of the most difficult types of bullying to identify. Most times, it happens when adults are not there, and also has no physical evidence, but it has psychological effects on its victims. However, children are also verbally bullied by their parents or adults around them.
There are so many causes as to why children tend to be bullies. One of the reasons is that they want to be noticed. This happens most times when the child does not get attention from parents at home because both parents are too busy with work; therefore, the child does not feel loved at home. In trying to make up for being neglected at home, they bully others in school just to get attention or be noticed.
Another reason is that they like to have power over their peers. This probably happens when the child is always picked on at home, shunned, accused on issues, and probably beaten on several occasions. Since children are still growing, they feel that verbal bullying is cool and funny, but in the real case, it isn’t...

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