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Bullying: An Aviodable Harm Essay

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Bullying: An Avoidable Harm
For many years, bullying was seen as a rite of passage but recently it has
been seen as a tramatic event that scars a person's life well into adulthood. "Once
considered a 'normal' part of growing up, being bullied is now both nationally and
internationally recognized as damaging to children. The ideas...are outdates and
dangerous"(Tarshis 59).Bullying is causing the same harmful effects all over the world.
Many factors enable a bully to attack a victim. Although some of these factors cannot be
controlled, many can be prevented through anti-bullying programs and the actions of
counselors, students, parents, and teachers. Bullying is a growing problem today ...view middle of the document...

An example of this would be slamming books down on
a desk or standing over someone. Bullies commence in posing because they know in the
moment they would have serious consequences if they actually made physical contact
with the victim.
Verbal bullying is more common among females due to their early
development of speech patterns. Verbal bullying includes name-calling, swearing, hate
speech, rumors, and gossiping. Most often this form of bullying happens to ruin
someone's reputation or break up a relationship. The bullies are fueles by jealousy in this
case. The forms of bullying often share a gray spot as they have the same effects on the
victim. Also a child may experience one or even all of the forms of bullying.
The last forms of bullying are social and emotional bullying. The most
well-known examples are humiliation, embarrassment, and manipulation. This can be
socially degrading and make the victim feel excluded. One example of this form of
bullying is a bully could spread word about a fight so more people would see the victim
fail and ultimately embarras him/her. The most emotionally scaring example would be a
victim's friends betraying them by not standing up for them.
There are three main profiles in bullying: victims, bullies, and bystanders.
Victims tend to not blend in well with the school enviornment or are seen as different.
They usually do not have strong friends and others start to believe they deserve to be
bullied. Some adolsence are bullied for personal items such as money or CDs. Victims
share the fear that adults can not or will not help them. There is no set group that is
bullied. For example, the smart group of children might be the target at one school but are
the bullies at another.
Victims can be broken dowm into two types: passive and reactive. Passive
victims are quiet and do not defend themselves well. Many end up crying which just
makes the situation worse. These victims fill the bully's need to feel better than someone
else and have more power. Therefore, they are the most common type of victim. Reactive
victims encourage confrontation with the bully through taunting and usually end up
becoming bullies themselves. They take control by wasting other's time and attention.
These victims are usually easy to anger or get a reaction.
Bullies start harassing children as young as preschool and continue the
patterns throughout their lives. The early years of bullying are filled with verbal bullying.
As the bully enters middle school, where the peak of bullying activity exists, he/she
becomes more physical. By the time they are in high school, the shift to emotional and
social bullying is made usually in spite of relationships. Bullies want to fill their needs so
they show aggressive behavior towards adults, peers, and even siblings.
There are two types of bullies: bully-victims and henchmen. Just as their
name suggests, bully-victims are both bullies and victims. Since they play both...

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