Bullying And Aggresive Behaviors Essay

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Bullying is any repeated aggressive behavior or action taken by one person who thinks of themselves to be physically, mentally, or even socially superior to the other. The bully is the one that carries out these actions to demoralize the victims with no relent. There are many ways to identify bullies and often times people can get pinned as bullies because of their appearance so just because someone is fit, smart, or popular does not automatically make them a bully. To be a bully one must repeatedly harass a helpless person with no way to stand up for themselves. Tom Hiddleston says that “When people don’t like themselves very much, they have to make up for it. The classic bully was actually ...view middle of the document...

Physical bullying can also easily cross the line into sexual harassment if no action is taken over a long period of time of repeated injuries. With physical bullying there is also verbal bullying were the bully harms your self-esteem, pride, and emotions. J.E. Brown says in his quote that “abusive people will always pretend the victim is overreacting. It’s called a tactic”, (J.E. Brown 1). The bully wants a reaction out of this bullying it is what they feed on so the best way to avoid it is to ignore it. With today’s growing technology such as the new phones, computers, tablets, and almost any other electronic device that connect to social media there arises a new form of bullying called cyber-bullying. Cyber-bullying is the easiest form of bullying for the bully because they can do twenty four hours a day seven days a week and still reach a child even if he or she is alone. Because of cyber-bullying many kids can be led to feel as if they have no way to avoid getting bullied and have an increased chance of commit suicide as an easy way out of the situation they are forced into by the bullying. With all of these many different ways for the bully to make others’ lives difficult there also come many side effects for the bully and the victim and the only way to avoid these is for them not to happen at all because there is always a way to reach a child with today’s technology.
Bullying has many lingering effects on its victims that the bullies are most likely unaware of when they physically, verbally, or cyber-bully children. The study researcher Laura Bogart says that the effects of bullying will snowball over time and can be harmful to a child’s development while they grow older. Some of the short term effects on the victim’s education are school avoidance, inability to concentrate, and a decrease in grades. The short term effects on the victim’s health are headaches or stomachaches, increased anxiety, sleeping problems, and low self-esteem. Short term...

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