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Bullying is defined as aggressive behaviour that is intentional and involves an imbalance of power and strength (1). From harsh words being wrote on the inside of bathroom stalls to being teased, socially exclude, physically assaulted and being hounded out on the internet, bullying appears to be escalating with no signs of stopping. The victims of bullies are often the targets for various reasons such as being too fat, too skinny, too quiet or in most cases being homosexual. Often times the victims eat lunch alone at school, stay home ‘sick’ or isolate themselves from the outside world to avoid being exploited by the bully. As the life of the victim appears to dwindle away, they begin to withdraw and lash out at family members and friends in anger. In some cases, victims may even take their own life due to the constant bullying. Recent statistics and demographics of both genders have proven that bullying is not only a problem in Canada, but worldwide. Certain Acts and prevention plans, have been put in as an attempt to put an end to bullying. The Canadian Government has not been doing its job in enforcing these Acts, thus bullying continues to increase. As bullying continues to develop across Canada, victims continue to suffer from emotional implications that could affect them for the rest of their lives, or even cause them to take their own life. The infinite number of individuals that are being bullied each year is far from declining and this can be directly linked to the Canadian Legal System.
Establishing a safe school environment that fosters a zero tolerance system for bullying is not an easy assignment, however something must be done as current statistics have proven that bullying is a problem across the nation. As the popularity of bullying has drastically increased, it becomes apparent that not enough is being done by the Canadian Government. Recent studies reveal that the frequency of bullying is about 30% in young children and adolescents (2). This exhibits that bullying should be looked at on a larger scale, as bullying is more than an act of violence, but a popular trend among young peers. Current statistics have revealed in 2010 alone, 1 in 7 students between kindergarten and grade 12 have reported being bystander, bully, victim or even both (3). Bullying does not only affect the youth, but as children continue to grow and mature so does the root of this hate crime. The bully may find themselves engaging in more criminal acts later in life as 40% of students who have taken part in severe acts of bullying will eventually get involved with more serious crime and attain a criminal record by the time they are 30 (4). As bullying continues to increase among young people, crime rates will continue to grow with them. If bullying is not prevented in the earliest stages of life, the government will have to deal with more than the simple acts of bullying as these people mature.
Furthermore, bullying is found in both...

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