Bullying And Cyberbulling Are Everywhere Essay

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If you go online, somewhere where kids gather, or to a school today, there is a 90% chance that you will see some sort of bullying happen. As the times have changed throughout the years, the types of bullying have changed with it. It's no longer just children calling each other names. It has gotten more violent, physically and verbally. Bullying has branched out over the years to the worst it's been; from in person to online, it's become too dangerous.
Before technology became a major part of everyone's lives, bullying only happened face to face. Outside of school, people didn't really have to worry about bullying. It wasn't as big of an issue as it is today. In fact, the only places ...view middle of the document...

There are many other ways, too. It can happen at any time, even when the kids are alone. This type of thing has become one of the new major parts of bullying. Cyberbullying has been linked to one of the causes of a number of teen suicides. Electronics have made life easier, but for some, life has become harder to due to the fact that electronics have brought on cyberbullying.
Bullying has an effect on the victim, but it also has an effect on the bully too. The bully will grow up to have issues along with their victims. The bully is most likely a bully because they've seen it happen or because they've experienced problems growing up. Kids who are bullies are more likely to grow up to abuse alcohol and drugs, vandalize property,and Engage in crimal activity. They are also more likely to drop out of school, become abusive, and fight. Victims of bullying will most likely experience troubles in their academics along with health issues and depression and anxiety which can stick with them through adulthood. A very small number of bullying victims act out violently. There is also a risk of suicide but bullying is, most of the time, not the only cause of this. Bystanders who see the bullying but do nothing about it can also have effects from it, like fear of going to school or low grades. Bullying is one of the main causes...

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