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Bullying And Its Cause And Affect On People English Essay

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Bullying and Its Cause and Effect
By: Latoya Canady
Bullying, a common word often heard in school, colleges, and work places and on the internet. In general, bullying shows meaning of aggressive behavior that is of intention and in continuous that will lead to injuries either physical or mental. In order to analyze on the cause and effects of bullying, further research had been conducted on the topic. Common cause of bullying is families’ environments that lead to health, wealth and relationship problems in long-time period.
Bullying has lead to students and workers skipping and/or dropping out of school or work because they don’t feel safe. Students who drop out are more than likely to end up in jail instead of graduating and going to college to become doctors or lawyers or what they wanted to be before being bullied took over their lives. Workers who skip work can’t support their families or pay their bills. In extreme cases, bullying can lead to very severe psychological problems; possibly requiring hospitalization. Even more extreme cases can result in death by suicide because the person can’t handle the pain they’re being put through and feel at a complete loss, as if no one would miss them or people would be happier without them around.
Physical bullying is when physical contact or intimidation is enforced to make the victim do something they don’t want to do. Physical bullying may only show damage on the outside, but only the victim and the victim’s family knows it affects them mentally too. A 2010 case supports this. Adam Casey was bullied and he ended up going to the hospital with a broken nose, a broken...

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