Bullying And Lgbt Youth Essay

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When is it considered okay to take away someone's rights? A person cannot be defined by one word. Homosexual is only one word. Television and movies have not perfectly portrayed all of Americans since it started. Having two moms or two dads isn't the worst thing that could happen. A child growing up with two dads or two moms will believe that it is normal. According to many cultures and religions, being a homosexual is wrong and it does not really exist. Homosexuals are being shunned by followers of these faiths. LGBT teens are more likely to think about or attempt suicide because they encounter bullies at school, work, and in other public areas. The issue of gay rights was similar to women's rights in the 1920s. Homosexuals do not look any different from heterosexuals. Marriage is a topic of many young girls and even some boys daydreams. Russia recently passed laws that make gay rights nonexistent. Nothing can change an LGBT male or female.
When describing a person's personality, more than a word or phrase comes to mind. That is because the human mind and personality is more complex than a single word or even a single phrase. Of course, one word may stick out in one's mind more than others, but that does not mean that it is the only word that describes that person. An LGBT man or woman is more than his or her sexuality. Only a series of several words or phrases can be used to partially describe a person. “Homosexual” is only word that can be applied to a person. Gay rights should not be an issue because taking away gay rights is like taking away human rights. If he or she cannot list several good and bad things that describe another person's personality, he or she does not know enough about the other person to judge him or her. For someone to accurately know someone else, he or she must take the time to ask questions and learn about him or her. If someone does know enough to judge that person, hopefully, he or she will be kind and wise enough to know that judgment is not necessary.
The term “gay” refers to being “happy.” It was used as such for a long time in history. Christmas songs use the term with the meaning of being glad or happy. The lyrics in “Deck the Halls” say “Don we now our gay apparel.” Now, the term “gay” is being used as an insult. Being gay is looked down on, and some people think that being gay is very sinful and awful. The world has taken a simple word with a positive definition and put a negative spin on it. Last year, Hallmark sold Christmas items as the stores do every year. Last year brought up a debate. The store changed the words to “Deck the Halls” (Hallmark). Hallmark changed the word “gay” to “fun.” Hallmark was criticized on Facebook for changing the words. The store released a statement saying that the word “has multiple meanings...” (Hallmark) The store is right. Gay has many meanings to it, and someone might misinterpret the use. Even so, Hallmark did not have good reason to replace the word. Most...

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