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Bullying And Physical Abuse Essay

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Many students enter school with the hopes of become our next president, a doctor, a lawyer, teacher or nurse. Although this is their goal, many students are not able to reach their full potential due to an ongoing issue that many students face in school. It is an issue that affects millions each year around the world. This issue not only affects children but also adults. This issue is bullying. Bullying can take many forms: physical abuse, verbal abuse, and/or cyber bullying. Physical abuse in bullying is pushing, hitting, slapping, pinching, kicking, biting, and hair pulling. Physical abuse can also involve the use of objects or any other action that cause bodily harm to another ...view middle of the document...

These actions can be done physically, verbally and by cyberbullying. Social bullying can be direct: comments given directly to the person. It can be indirect by a person telling the others not talk to the person or nonverbally by a person or people walking away when the bullied attempts to interact with others ( Those people who are bullied tend not to engage conversations with people because they fear that others will start join in. Those who are bullied tend to not want to participate in activities that involve partners, which they believe will result in more abuse. They bullied feel that school is not a safe place. Not being able to interact with others and learn social rules many hamper their ability to meant key people that can be used as a reference for college or jobs. It also limits choices on academic clubs that have activities that help with skills need for life. Many students who suffer from bullying have family problems. They have arguments and conflict with their father and mother because they feel like their parents don’t understand what’s going on or are too busy to help ( Sometimes they are moody because of constant stress of being bullied.
Second, bullying affects how a student will perform in school. A student that is bullied has a difficult time focusing on schoolwork because they are concentrated on just striving the day. Often bullying results in lower grades in all school subjects such as Math, English, Science, and Social Studies. People who are bullied earn poor scores on test, quizzes, and class work and are unable to grasp ideas that are taught. These comments are similar to what Dr. Dewey Corey, who is a clinical psychologist...

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