Bullying And Workplace Violence Essay

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Bullying and Workplace Violence

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Workplace bullying has attracted increased attention during the last decade due to severe consequences on employee's health and corporate reputations. This research paper investigates the anti-bully protective legislation laws around the world including the United States. In addition, for the purpose of the research paper, the term for the person the bully bullies is "target" rather than "victim". The paper will examine the extent of workplace "target" status from personality traits and the effects on health. Research will conclude the lack of management skills dealing when bullying, and the role of human resources in eliminating the problem. The characteristics and behaviors of a workplace bully are defined, methods and listing possible solutions. In conclusion, current laws and policies are not in place to protect the target in the workplace.

Bullying and Workplace Violence


School, offices, phones, Facebook, MySpace, internet blogs, the news, movies, you name it you will see a bully of one type or another. It's been happening for years; we just never made such a big deal of it. There is an immense concern regarding the negative use of communication. Targets of bullying at work anticipate the workday with dread and a sense of impending doom. Even though the workplace ensures high security, some employees tend to get away and steal through on a state of high alert. The victims of violence within workplace premises feel ashamed and vulnerable since they are unable to protect themselves or retaliate in any sort of manner. Bullying within workplace is a type of social hostility on job that goes beyond simple incivility and is marked by the characteristic features of frequency, intensity, duration, and power disparity (Burke, Cooper & Clarke, 2011, 250-251).


Bullying and workplace violence is considered as the key issue for maintaining a safer and healthier environment within social and organizational premises. Legislations have already been made in United States for the safety of workers and it includes protecting from sexual harassment, discrimination, harassment, assault, and stalking. Nevertheless, the employees engage themselves in non unprofessional communication that ultimately leads to verbal abuse, intimidation and ultimately leads to bullying and violence. Due to this negative aspect, the employees undergo major health problems or have no option other than to quit the job. Many times employees have no...

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