Bullying At Work Essay

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Bullying at Work

Bullying in the workplace is a problem that many employers will come
across. If bullying is handled badly, or goes unchecked, there can be
serious problems for an organisation. However, behaviour that is
considered bullying by one person, maybe be considered as firm
management by another. There are many definitions of bullying. It can
be said that bullying is offensive, intimidating or insulting
behaviour towards an individual. There are many actions that both
employers and employees can take when bullying takes place at work.

As mentioned above, peoples views on what constitutes bullying can
differ. Therefore, it is essential for the employers to give training
to employees; to distinguish what is and what is not acceptable
behaviour. Clear examples of what is considered to be bullying should
demonstrated. However, a recent survey carried out by CIPD (Chartered
Institute of Personnel and Development), showed that line managers
made up 38% of those accused of bullying, whilst 37% of accusations
were levelled at peers. This research shows that there are problems
with bullying throughout organisations. It is very well managers
providing training for employees, but they must also follow what has
been said.

Bullying may be hard to recognise, or not be obvious to others. The
recipient may think that it is the normal way of things in the
organisation. It is important for employers to check for bullying.
Employees are often reluctant to make a complaint as they may fear for
any future consequences. This may also go for any witnesses to
bullying as they may too fear for any consequences. This is why it is
important for employers to know what unacceptable behaviour is.
Examples of unacceptable behaviour are:

* Spreading malicious rumours or insulting someone

* Exclusion or victimisation

* Unfair treatment

* Making threats or comments about job security without foundation

* Deliberately undermining a competent worker by overloading and
constant criticism

* Preventing individuals progressing by intentionally blocking
promotion or training opportunities.

Bullying, a lot of the time, is based on the grounds of sex, race,
sexual orientation, disability and religious beliefs. Over the years,
laws and acts have come into place to ensure that recipients of
bullying can take legal action. Because employers are the ones
responsible for preventing bullying, it is in their best interests to
make sure that everything possible is done to eradicate any bullying
from the workplace. After all it will be the employers who eventually
lose out if a complaint is made to an employment tribunal. Not only
may they have to pay legal costs and compensation, but their
reputation could be ruined and may also have the problem of potential
loss of...

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