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The workplace bullying can be defined as inappropriate interpersonal behaviors that workers are subjected to by virtue of their employment. That includes such things as persistent and unjustified criticism, constant scrutiny of work or unfair allegations of incompetence insubordination or ongoing criticism threats or behavior towards a person that intimidate humiliate and undermine their capacity to do their work. The consequence of bullying is that it undermines the dignity and self-worth of individuals who become less productive may suffer trauma-related illnesses then loss of productive time. Beside that, type of aggression is particularly difficult because, unlike the ...view middle of the document...

The distributive justice have been argued to be used in different types of situations, but there is scant research about when employees use one rule instead of another to evaluate a decision in an organization like some psychologists have recently argued that one of the factors may be the employee’s culture. For instance someone from a more collectivist culture may be more likely to use an equality rule of justice, especially among members of his or her close work group.

Procedural Justice
The procedural justice refers to employee’s perceptions of fairness in the means and processes used to determine the amount and distribution of resources. Higher perceptions of procedural justice by employees are more likely to reciprocate with greater organizational engagement and an employee’s positive evaluation of their supervisor. The basic tenet of procedural justice is a voice in the development of an outcome and enhances the perceived fairness in the workplace independent of the effects of its implementation like in terms of performance appraisals, procedural variables may be more important than distributive or outcome variables as determinants of the perceived level fairness by employees. One of an organization that provides knowledge to employees about procedures demonstrates regard for employees concerns. Decision-making processes that are unclear to employees violate procedural fairness and trust also damaging the employer and employee relationship.
Interactional Justice
Interactional Justice is refers to the quality of interpersonal treatment employees receive when procedures are implemented, Then four criteria for interactional justice is justification, truthfulness, respect and propriety. The interactional justice consists of two specific types of interpersonal treatment, interpersonal justice and informational justice, Interpersonal justice deals with how employees are treated with politeness, dignity and respect by leadership and management that those who execute procedures and outcome distribution and also informational justice focuses on the explanations and information given to employees by the leadership and management that provide detail on procedures and outcome distribution.

In conclusion is the employer must improve the organization to ensure that problems not be arise like do the jobs be redesigned to provide opportunities for achievement, recognition, responsibility and growth. It comprises of variety in work contents, greater use of skills and opportunity for growth by providing employee with a complete unit of work and increased authority. Hence it is essential to understand relationship between these concepts so as to apply them in the day to day management of adult learning centers for better performance.

Question 2

Motivation is one of the forces that lead to performance. Motivation is defined as the desire to achieve a goal or a certain performance level and also leading to goal-directed behavior....

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