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Jamie Nabozny is gay. Today the fact causes him few, if any, difficulties in life, however, throughout middle and high school Nabozny was both physically and verbally harassed; he was beaten, kicked, urinated on, called hurtful terms and abused to the point of hospitalization. However, the worst part of this innocent victim’s abuse was the role that his administration played, or rather refused to play; no action was taken to protect Nabozny despite the fact that school officials knew what was going on and had been repeatedly confronted about his abuse. In time the abuse Nabozny suffered led to doleful moods, severe depression, attempts of suicide, endeavors to run away from home, and other drastic consequences. Eventually, this young vigilante decided to fight back in order to prevent others from experiencing what he had gone through. Nabozny took legal action and, with the help of Lambda Legal Law firm, sued his former school officials for their failure to do their job of keeping him safe in school, eventually winning nearly a million dollars in a monetary settlement. Jamie Nabozny’s case has inspired the response of countless others and forced schools to take responsibility for their actions in bullying cases, because of this role model’s singular determination and readiness to stand up for himself, he has affected and inspired millions. Proving, once and for all, that one person can make a difference.
There is no doubt that Jamie Nabozny and his actions have had an impact on the world. From the moment Nabozny appealed for a lawsuit, he was making a formidable leap in the fight against bullying. Before his landmark trail no litigation had ever been taken against antigay violence in schools and although his claim was first dismissed as something the school district could not be held responsible for, Nabozny, his family, and his sagacious lawyer David Springer did not give up their odyssey against antigay bullying as futile. In a final attempt to incriminate his former schools, Nabozny filed an opening brief with the United States court of Appeals, which ruled that the actions of Ashland Middle and High School conflicted with the schools’ duty to protect Nabozny and allowed our hero’s case to proceed in court. Thanks to Jamie Nabozny’s individual determination he was able to, despite the difficulties and obstacles he faced stand up not only for him but for the thousands of others who, like Nabozny, had been bullied and done the grievous injury of not receiving adequate protection from their schools. His trial brought hope to those facing bullying and made people realize that it is not ok to bully someone just because they are different in some way. Nabozny taking his case to trial also opened gateways to other bullying and/or antigay harassment cases. It offered a new option to people who had previously seen “no way out”, because of Jamie Nabozny people who once had no voice or were too afraid to take action against the violence they suffered...

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