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Bullying Has Been A Major Problem In Today’s Schools

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Bullying has been a major problem in today’s schools
Bullying is a major problem in today’s society, especially among teens.
With teens spending most of their time at school this environment must be as safe as possible. Schools need to be more proactive in addressing the issue of bullying because many students are bullied in many different ways, the effects can be deadly, and students deserve a safe place to learn.
At schools kids are getting bullied in many different ways. For example, students get bullied online and in person, experiencing physical abuse and many more things. This abuse occurs because of bullies who choose to ignore the difference between right and wrong. A study recently completed said “that although bullies may learn a variety of anti-bullying techniques, they may simply choose not to practice what they learn” (Bidwell 1). The study is showing that bullies at schools continue to bully despite knowing it shouldn’t happen. Instead, they choose to ignore what they know about it and continue bullying. Where kids get bullied is online on famous social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more. An Illinois law has been made that “prohibits cyber bullying via text messages, email and websites like Facebook and MySpace” (Pulling the plug on cyber bullies 1). I think that is a good law for Illinois but this should be for the whole country and officials need to check more carefully. Even though the government made a good choice of the law but is not really that active
The effects of bullying can be deadly and is a growing problem for kids; suicide is one of the top death rates for kids in the United States for kids. “If bullying is indeed a serious and growing problem, have we extended our parental and communal shields around these generations of children” (simplico 348). Since bullying is a major growing problem, kids sometimes can’t take it and commit suicide. In this quote it states, “Suicide rates among middle-aged Americans have...

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