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In a profession where caring is the epicenter of the job, it is disconcerting to see a high occurrence of bullying in the nursing environment. Lateral bullying and lateral violence are terms used to describe bullying, uncivil behavior, disrespect, social devaluing, peer control and verbal, physical and emotional abuse occurring between nurses and or colleagues (Ceravolo et al., 2012). Abusive behaviors from a superior are considered vertical or hierarchal violence and are commonly seen when the superior attempts to control or bully the nurse using their superiority, often leaving the nurse feeling defenseless due to an imbalance in power and control (Broome & Williams-Evans, 2011). Some ...view middle of the document...

Some of the common psychological and physiological effects workplace bullying has on nurses include depression, stress, fear, anxiety, nervousness and symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress disorder (Broome & Williams-Evans, 2011). Berry, Gillespie, Gates, and Schafer (2012) note that these and other negative impacts greatly affect novice nurses in their already stressful first years and frequently result in new nurses vacating their jobs, or the profession altogether. The first years as a novice nurse are already stress-filled and cause novice nurses to test their self-confidence and competence, and their experiences are important to their learning and success (Berry et al., 2012).
Patient care is also impacted by workplace bullying in nursing as the stress, low self-confidence, anxiety, fear, poor communication and other similar effects result in less effective patient care and risk for patient safety (Ceravolo et al., 2012). Simon, Stark, and DeMarco (2011) report that there is a correlation between positive colleague relationships and the quality of workplace environment, as well as patient safety and mortality rates.
It is costly to obtain and train new nurses, yet with a high occurrence of workplace bullying leading to high turnover, workplace violence results in a large financial impact and burden in the healthcare system (Broome & Williams-Evans, 2011). High levels of stress caused by workplace bullying can lead to increased absenteeism and reduced employee retention, further negatively impacting patient care and medical facility resources (Broome & Williams-Evans, 2011).
A high turnover rate within the nursing profession contributes the present problem of the United States nursing shortage (Simons et al., 2011). The evidence of the significantly high occurrence of bullying in nursing has been proven through numerous studies involving questionnaires and interviews. There are several ways to address the problem of workplace lateral and hierarchal violence within the nursing profession. Ceravolo et al. (2012) conducted a study evaluating the implementation of workshops given over a three year timespan to over 4000 nurses within a 5-hospital healthcare system. The workshops addressed developing assertive communication techniques as well as the issue of lateral and hierarchal violence in nursing, with emphasis on healthy and active communication skills. The workshops were first offered to nurse managers, as they serve as role models in their position of authority. These workshops were eventually developed...

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