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Bullying is a pattern of physical or emotional abuse that some students inflict on less powerful peers. Bullying comes in various forms, as it proves to a growing concern. Though it is very unfortunate, current bullying statistics support this statement. Bullying in schools, rates among the highest of all forms. Researchers note, (which I believe to be true) that an essential way to get ahead of the bullying epidemic is to raise awareness. It is imperative for children to bring any incidents with a bully to the attention of an adult or school authority while it is happening.
Schools are the one place children must go. For this very reason, the community needs to work together to make it a safe haven. Adults, as well as students themselves, can make a difference by banning together to make a change. In order to confront bullying, the problem has to be made known. Because of the wide-spread issue, teachers and school officials have been trained how to handle bullies and difuse intense situations. In the event the problem escalates beyond control, there are laws that have been put in place for the protection of students. Although there has been much effort put forth to implament new anti-bullying laws, they lack effectiveness, due to minimal sanctions or incentives, thus leaving implamentation and enforcement in question.
A major key to solving this problem is educating young adolescents (National Middle School Association [NMSA], 2010) urges middle school educators to create safe, inclusive, and supportive environments for all students. Bullying is often the most difficult obstacle in reaching this goal. Therefore, if it can't be eliminated educators and adults must take every step possible to minimize it. Bulllying begins elevating late elementary years, and continues to flourish throughout middle school years where it ultimately reaches a peak.
Since middle school is where bullying appears to be most serious, middle school educators and parents need to make themselves aware of the legal requirments in their state to be able to respond appropriately and do their best to prevent bullying in public schools. It is also important to maintain a nuetral zone for students,...

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