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Now more than ever, bullying has become more common among students in schools. “It can be as direct as teasing, hitting, or threatening, or as indirect as exclusions, rumors or manipulation (Garrett, 2003).” However, it is defined, bullying cannot be dismissed as child’s play. It can be a humiliating or terrifying experience, and at its worst can lead to retaliation or suicide. For instance, Tyler Long, 17, was a fun loving student that enjoyed the normal kid things such as: karate, playing video games, and even inspired to go to college in the future. But like most students today, Long was afraid to go to school, fearing that he would be bullied by his classmates. Day after day, “they would take his things from him, spit in his food, and call him gay and faggot.” Tyler Long’s parents even approached Murray County High School regarding the bullying incidents, but the only response they received was “boys will be boys.” On October 17, 2009, Tyler Long had enough, that morning “he changed out of his pajamas and into his favorite T-shirt and jeans. He strapped a belt around his neck and hanged himself from the top shelf in his bedroom closet, losing his life.” The story of Tyler Long was one of the many severe incidents of bullying. Every day in school, children are being threatened, teased, taunted and tormented by their bullies. For many years, bullying has been ignored. Not enough people are taking this problem serious. In order to effectively accomplish the goal of preventing bullying and the problems it creates, we must work together as parents, teachers, and administrators. School bullying is everyone’s business. So, if everyone is concerned and committed to zero tolerance, then there is solid evidence that the severity of bullying can be prevented.
Bullying occurs in every school and in every grade. Some children are bullied for no particular reason, but normally it is because they are different. Perhaps it is the color of their skin, the way they talk, their size or their name. Sometimes children are bullied because they look like they will not stand up for themselves. As a result, it makes many children feel lonely, unhappy, frightened and unsafe at school. According to the U.S. Department of Education, “bullying causes 160,000 children a day to stay home from school.” There needs to be a solution to this problem. In many incidents, victims blame themselves because they think there must be something wrong with them. But that is just not the case. When bullying begins, it is the responsibility of everyone to recognize the signs that indicates that the child is being bullied. It may include, “becoming withdrawn, distressed, anxious, lacking confidence which can lead to further serious problems including stammering, not eating, crying at night or nightmares, beginning to steal and threatening suicide. (L)”
As parents, teachers, administrators and other school staff we can work together to prevent this problem from occurring. The first...

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