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“Researchers have conducted that at least 25% of all children will be affected by bullying at some point during their school years, and many of these children miss significant numbers of school days each year owing to fear of being bullied” (Bray, M., Kehle, T., Sassu, K. (2003). Bullying has become a major problem for our students and our schools. Children are missing educational time and are losing self-confidence because they are afraid or intimidated by other students. We, as teachers, need to reduce bullying in our schools and prevent bullying from being a reoccurring issue in the lives of our students in order for them to learn, grow and develop. Our goal as teachers should be “to reduce as much as possible-ideally to eliminate completely- existing bully/victim problems in and out of the school setting and to prevent the development of new problems” (Olweus, D. (1993).
Bullying is defined as the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively to impose domination over others and is often repeated and habitual. Bullying is something that can manifest in all kinds of places whether it be at home, school, or in the community. There are different ways that bullying can manifest at home. For example, we often hear of fathers trying to “toughen up” their sons up and make them into a man, when in reality, they are bullying their children to make them tough. Parents often allow their sons to be aggressive and rough and find it appropriate for them to physically hurt other people. They often say “boys will be boys” as if that behavior is normal and okay. Well, it is not normal or appropriate behavior, that kind of behavior is only teaching them to be aggressive in society and to bully other people. This type of parenting is teaching boys at a very young age to be involved in bullying as both bullies and targets, and is more likely to both engage in and be subjected to physical violence (Boyle, D.J. (2005). However, boys are not the only ones who are taught to bully. Girls are also taught how to bully but in different ways. Nowadays, the popular shows on television show exactly what the “mean girl” looks like and that it is appropriate to gossip and leave out about other people. The media is constantly portraying the “popular girl” as a mean and snobby person. Mothers at home are also guilty of modeling gossip behavior in front of their daughters and encouraging them to do the same. Mothers need to watch what they say in front of their impressionable children when they are interacting with their own friends. As soon as a child overhears a parent gossiping, they will automatically think it is okay for them to do as well. Since girls are taught to be less aggressive and more likely to psychologically bully girls are more likely to use indirect or relational bullying which can involve, for example, social isolation of the target and spreading rumors about the target.
Since bullying is a learned behavior children take what they...

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