Bullying In The Digital Age: Electronic Or Cyber Bullying

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In the last few years, traditional bullying and cyber bullying have become two communal problems of our society owing to the major advances in technology and communicative devices. In spite of the fact that they can not be eradicated completely, the lack of action and initiatives will exacerbate the situation even more. Therefore, recent researches have passionately suggested that education, which is considered of crucial importance, and constructive cooperation between social factors, as for instance family, school personnel and professional organizations, can effectively contribute to the prevention of this complicated issue.
Mickie Wong-Lo and Lyndal M. Bullock, in their encouraging attempt to intervene in incidents of cyberbullying, have recommended many ways to deal with it. In their article entitled “Digital Aggression: Cyberworld Meets School Bullies”, they asserted that children do not acquaint their parents with their activities on the Internet and as a result parents do not know how to address similar situations (67). According to Kowalski, parents ought to follow “reporting techniques, which includes knowing when to ignore, block, or react, being mindful of the language being used and respond appropriately;” (qtd. in Wong-Lo and Bullock 68). In other words, the authors rightly emphasize that systematic supervision and knowledge can be valuable measures because parents will monitor children’s use of Internet and will be able to provide appropriate guidelines just in case a danger arises (Wong-Lo and Bullock 68). Moreover, as Keith and Martin argue, “[…] incorporating popular youth technology would be to teach youth how to use a social networking site to promote themselves in a positive manner that would appeal to prospective admissions counsellors, employers and peers” (qtd. in Wong-Lo and Bullock 68). Consequently, it is obvious that parents should have open discussions with young people so as to understand their problems, avoid being punitive and urge their children to choose websites with educational material, which will enrich their knowledge about bullying.
Additionally, Bhat S. Christine in her article “Cyber Bullying: Overview and Strategies for School Counsellors, Guidance Officers, and All School Personnel” strongly underlines the attention that this problem needs through the effective alternatives she enumerates. As Christine Bhat has successfully indicated, although educators are considered to protect children from various forms of relational...

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