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As a young man growing up, I have had my share of hardships and difficulties with bullies and being bullied. My personal experiences of bulling started early in middle school and continued throughout junior high and high school. Given a small frame and statue, classmates would often create pranks targeting me. The pranks didn’t the start out as f bulling; name calling started early on my school career. Names such as four eyes, studderbox, nerd, mute, Steve Urkel, were just some of the many names I endured while in school. Entering high school as a freshmen was one of the most enjoyable and traumatic times as a young man. Going into high school with a new attitude, I thought the bulling was over. By the second week of school, I found myself being bullied by another classmate. This classmate used intimidation and threats to do physical harm if I ever told anyone. The bulling started becoming more public by being ridiculed by others. My self esteem became low and I developed a shell of myself. I would beat myself up after being bullied, hitting walls and door as if it was the bully. One day a coach came to ask me if I would be interested in seeing what high school wrestling consisted of. I instantly fell in love with wrestling but had underlined motives of learning moves to use on others such as my bullies.
Once I joined the wrestling team, I sense of pride and respect for myself returned. This sense was short lived for only a month, when the football players who wrestled came to practice. It became apparent that I was the smallest on the wrestling team and became the practice dummy. The biggest wrestler on the team was called the heavyweight since he stood six feet and weighed about two hundred and ninety pounds. He became my worst nightmare for two years of wrestling. I was often humiliated and picked on this one particular person and I could not understand why.
One year passed and I started to become a better wrestler but the bulling continued. One day the bully came up to me and I stood my ground on not to be bullied again. I was stripped down to my underwear and pushed outside the locker room into the freezing weather. I felt so embarrassed and humiliated that I was locked out of the locker room in the freezing cold. Once I entered back into the locker room, I was furious with the entire team as they laughed at me. My bully came up to me and whispered “Welcome to the team”. From that day forward I was never picked on and noticed that every person had to go through something to be welcomed into the wrestling circle. The bulling was an obstacle that I had to go through so I could relate with the juniors and seniors on the team. Some may see it was an initiation process and some may see it as a type of bulling or hazing.
Rainer Martens (2012) discusses that bullying is an act of aggression by someone or a group with the intent of harming a person either physically or psychologically through hitting, threatening, intimidating, teasing or...

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