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Bullying is the topic of personal family life, schools, and in the workplace. Bullying in the workplace brings attention to both practitioners and researchers (Lind, Glasø, Pallesen, & Einarsen, 2009). Vie, Glaso, & Einarsen, (2010) believes that almost 50% of the European workforce is exposed to some type of bullying. While Hauge, Skogstad, & Einarsen, (2009) reports that working environments that are stressful are known for the development of workplace bullying. Although three different articles with different writers all believe that bullying engages in the workplace. This essay will compare the research questions, sample population, and the limitations of the studies of these three ...view middle of the document...

The study was offered to employees anonymously by the use of a questionnaire that included questions measuring traits of anxiety and anger (Vie et al., 2010). Lind, Glaso, Pallesen, and Einarsen’s article on personality profiles among targets and nontargets of workplace bullying offered questions as to the difference in the target’s personality and if there is a general personality profile (2009). The assumption was that the participants that are conscientiousness or self disciplined, hardworking, and moralistic, therefore may be bullied because their colleagues think of them as annoyingly perfect (Lind et al., 2009). The study was based on a 1022 questionnaires from 12 nursing homes.
Sample Population Comparison
Hauge et al. (2009) sample population included 2,539 Norwegian workers, 48.5% were male and 51.5% were female; of those 19.8% were supervisors. Vie et al. (2010) sample population were 837 Norwegian workers that included 86.3% males and 13.7% females; of those 57.5% were leaders. Lind et al. (2009) sample population included 496 Norwegian nursing home workers with 89% being female and no apparent percentage of leaders.
Limitations of Study Compared
Hauge et al. (2009) reports that the use of questionnaires that consist of self reporting are usually are limiting. Also, questions suggesting negative behavior could lead to falsified self reports. The suggestion to improve the methodology was to have employees rate each other than themselves. The...

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