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To put it bluntly, bullying is everywhere and that's devastating. It happens here in this very school, which I have witnessed with my very own eyes. Bullying isn't just physical abuse, by the way. By Merriam-Webster's definition, to bully means, "to frighten, hurt, or threaten (a smaller or weaker person)." Naturally, this doesn't just happen to smaller or weaker people, it happens to anyone and everyone, even on a small scale. You could get bullied at your job, for simple mistakes, bullied at home, bullied at school, the park, anywhere and everywhere.

To me, personally, bullying at school is the worst. According to my research, most people agree with me here. During our K-12 years, ...view middle of the document...

Got a crush? They might diss them, they might. Heck, if they're evil, they might even get with your crush. Anything to make you feel lesser than them.
"Verbal abuse and emotional abuse can include name calling, constant fault-finding or nit-picking, never giving praise or not even acknowledging your existence. The bully may try to set people within the family against each other by telling lies about the other person to provoke arguments. Bullying at home can make you feel very alone and frightened.(2)"

Depression usually comes hand in hand with bullying. I see countless social media posts that talk about people saying "Would anyone care if I died?" or "What would you do if I killed myself?". When I see these posts, I can't help but hurt. This is where cyber bullying comes in. I see people talk about my friends, tell them to get over themselves and stop being a baby. I've even seen "Just go kill yourself." a couple of times too. What am I to do except report them? But that's where it usually stops for me. These people, these victims, don't like to talk about...

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