Bullying Is Not The Cause Essay

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Schools, Peers, and Media Influences on Childhood Behavior and Beliefs

Children's experiences with groups of peers are the environmental factor responsible for personality and socialization into the culture at large. According to Harris, group socialization affects personality, which is defined more broadly than domains such as extroversion or neuroticism. Harris's definition of personality incorporates patterns of behavior, language, accents, cognitions, emotions, and self-esteem (Vandell, 2000). On this discussion, I will be considering different theories, and one of the latest news about a group of students from Brunswick High School protesting against bullying.

Two students from Brunswick High School died over the weekend. Both students were males age 14 and 17, and committed suicide. In response to that about 70 students, among the 2,400 boycotted classes for two hours the morning of the 14 January because they suspected that those two suicides were the results of bullying. So using social media on Monday, the students rallied around the issue of bullying as a possible factor in the deaths and demanded that school administrators do more to prevent bullying from occurring. Regardless of the talk provided by the school authorities, these students did not stop their boycott until persuaded by another student who didn't know the students who died. He spoke to the gathered students about taking personal responsibility for problems among peers (Miller, 2014). This situation escalated to a boycott by the student body, not only because the efficient use of social media, but because they were part of a peer group who had a universal standard of conscience.

According to Kohlberg, children's judgment advances through three stages. The first stage is that of punishment versus reward, the second is based on expectation of duty, and the third is a more universal standard of contract or conscience (Chatham, 2005). Couple of days ago, I heard my daughter who is eight and my ten-year old son talking about fundraiser from school. However both of them had differences of opinion on why they participate on those fundraisers. My son participates because the more money he raises the better prizes would get. This is based on our society standards of greater rewards comes from greater effort. However, my daughter who still on the second stage, argued that fundraiser is not about the prize but about the helping others who are in need. This difference...

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