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Bullying Is Ruining People’s Lives Essay

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What are the reasons that lead people to depression? One of them is bullying. This is one of the main issues that happen frequently without being really recognized. Sometimes people think that children are playing with their friends while in fact they are bullying other people. When playing, they would only poke fun of others but bullies pick out other people. This is a serious problem in the world especially in school. Parents do not think about it regularly so it is now the time that they need to pay attention to this issue seriously. Bullying can ruin a person’s life and it could even lead to suicide. There was a 15 years old girl named Phoebe Prince committed suicide because she was bullied relentless (Marshall, 2010). The best solution to get rid of bullying is, first of all recognizing the causes.
Initially, some people bully to get power. They believe that violence could lead them to have power and they will be noticed (Bullying project, 2011). They use this way to get attention from other people. They also bully to tight their group and leave someone else out (Marshall, 2010). Teachers sometimes think this situation as common and do not take any actions to solve it. When children see that there is no punishment of doing that then they think it is alright for them to perform the same way again. When they can fear other people, it is more likely for them to keep doing bad things to get more power. They usually look for those who are weaker than them so it is easy for them to control (Kleinschmidt, 2007). Teachers and parents should not consider this problem as a minority, if they allow the children to behave the same way for a long time then it will be more difficult to bring them back from such a behavior.
Secondly, there are social issues that encourage children to bully. One is the environment that they live in. Living in an unsafe, violent and disorganized areas could lead the children to see those people’s behaviors as normal (Swearer, 2010). Parents really need to look at this carefully. They should not only tell their children to avoid those people but they should also tell them that it is amiss. Media is another factor which has some negative impacts toward children. Sometimes they imitate what they see in the movies and in the news so parents need to be aware of this. Violent video games can influence aggressive behaviors toward children (Swearer, 2010). Some people think that their children are mature enough to distinguish what is right what is wrong but do parents really trust their children? The best solution would be to teach them about things they see on TV or internet without being overly...

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