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Bullying Is Still A Problem Essay

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Bullying is still present, terrorizing the victims. Acts of bullying still occur on several locations, including: acts of teasing, calling names, picking on people’s looks and backgrounds, and so on. Bullying is inescapable through school grounds, online, and much more.
Most acts of bullying happen on the school grounds. According to (a website that is against all kinds of bullying), one in seven students in the schools are either a bully or a victim of bullying. A little over half of all students had personally witnessed the horrid acts while seventy-one percent of them reported the incidents of bullying to staff, parents, or responsible adults at their school. Studies show that over 3.2 million of students are the victims of bullying each year. From personal experience, a teacher in drama class once decided to assign a group project to the class of students. The students got to choose who was in their group. Three girls became a group; unfortunately, one named Kori was not thrilled about a specific girl in her group. She muttered to Kodi, another girl in the group, with harsh words, “She is deaf! She is too dumb to do anything.” Little did she know, the deaf girl read her lips and knew what Kori said about her. Because of this incident, the deaf girl has a lot of insecurities when it comes to working with other students.
Since social network was invented, the act of bullying has spread into the internet. Acts of bullying on the internet is called cyber bullying. Fifty-eight percent of students admit that it is easier to bully online than in person on the school grounds so they will not get caught. Seventy-five percent claim that they visited the social websites and bashed on other students. Nearly forty-three percent of the kids surveyed were bullied online and one in four, it had happened more than once while seventy percent of the students reported that they have seen frequent bullying online....

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