Bullying Is Wrong Essay

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What types of bullying is there? Why does bullying happen? How to stop bullying?

What is the definition of bullying first of all? Bullying – or bully – a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people. Pretty much in my own words, I would say that bullying is beating somebody. Whether it is physically, verbally, emotionally, or even cyber bullying. These are the four types of bullying that I am going to write about.

To start lets talk about physical abuse. What do you think of when those words hit your mind. Punching? Spitting? Shoving? Kicking? These are all examples of the things that bullies do. Most of the time, when ...view middle of the document...

And when this comes back around to the person it is about, it will TEAR THEM DOWN!

Cyber bullying is one of the most popular types of bullying in the modern world. When a bully is doing this online, you will more than likely not know who the bully actually is since most cyber bullies don't use their actual name. This can be done in any way that involves making somebody feel bad about themselves online. This can be about any subject that the bully may think will make the victim mad. Whether it is about school, their family, their relationship status, or about how they look or act.

Sarah Lynn Butler was a seventh grader and this is her story: Sarah Lynn Butler, a seventh grader from Hardy, Arkansas, committed suicide on September 26, 2009. Sarah, who had just been voted Queen for her upcoming Fall Festival, was teased at school, and later on received bullying messages on her MySpace page. Sarah’s mother says she often checked her MySpace page to make sure there wasn't anything inappropriate being sent or received, and she noticed that she...

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