Bullying: It Needs To End Essay

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Going through adolescence is difficult and having to deal with bullies makes it unnecessarily more challenging. Teenagers need to feel they are a part of a peer group because this is a time for them to separate from their family more as they become adults. Just as we all have a responsibility to look after our fellow man, kids at this age also have a responsibility to help another student that is being bullied. Standing up for others can be scary for some because of the fear that the bullies will target them instead. An important step in the process of ending bullying is for more open communication and acceptance of others and oneself. The person being bullied needs to remember that they matter and are here for a reason. Bullying is unnecessary and if everyone took the time to understand each other’s differences and situations no one would have to live through the pain of being put down.
Adolescence is about trying to fit in with your peers. In school, students strive to dress and act like their friends. Young people want to be accepted and have a group of friends that they feel like they belong to. During adolescence, having a peer group that you are a part of is very important. The teen years are a period when you spend more time with friends than family, that is why having a group is so important. The desire to have a group of friends that you aren’t different from can sometimes make kids do things that they don’t really want to do. Wanting to be accepted can also make kids rationalize being teased because they still feel like they are a part of the group because of the attention they receive. In Lord of the Flies, Golding writes about how a boy whose nickname at school was “Piggy” was teased. Piggy tells another boy, Ralph, about how the kids at school called him “Piggy” and that he didn’t like it. After finding this out, Ralph laughed and began shouting “Piggy! Piggy!” and taunting him. In response, “Piggy grinned reluctantly, pleased despite himself at even this much recognition,” (Golding). Adolescents need to keep their own need to belong in mind when considering how they treat their peers.
Students have a responsibility to help others who are being excluded. The damage that being bullied causes during the teen years often stays with a person for their entire life. Some teens turn to violence or drugs to deal with the negative affects from being the target of a bully. Most people, by the time they are in high school, have experienced the sting of being left out or stabbed in the back. Empathy, the ability to put oneself in another’s shoes, is necessary to understand why someone who is being bullied needs help. Asking that one classmate that others ignore to join a study group or sitting with the new kid at lunch may seem like a small thing but may just be the support they need to know they aren’t alone. Even though these may seem like small actions that are easy to do with empathy, it still takes courage to reach out to students in...

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