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There are students around schools that have the time of their life during high school, but then there are others. The ones that sit by themselves at lunch, do nothing but got to school and then go home, the ones that do not talk to anybody while they are at school. Those who flinch when somebody “mean” walks by them, they are the ones that hate high school because others make it the worst time for them. The ones who bullies feels like their pain makes you feel like you can control them. What they do not understand is that even though they think that its funny or amusing, the kids that they are bullying may go home and hurt themselves, or others, to ...view middle of the document...

By making it a bully free zone it can reduce the students from being afraid of getting bullied to being able to make it easier to learn. A successful bully free zone requires educator, preparation, and teamwork. It is also important to provide regular, ongoing opportunities. Making opportunities for the kids will help them stay away from the bullies and they could have more fun with what they are doing.(association, 3)
Benefits of the laws- Many schools have an unofficial reputation for tolerating bullying. (beware, 1) This reputation in normally just common knowledge. Like, “all schools keep students safe”. Even though some say that, they don’t always keep them safe from the bullies. More and more students feel anxious about their personal safety and as a result, many don’t attend. (beware,2) By the time the school gets to public reputation of being a ‘tough school”, many victims of bullying have suffered in silence. Once an issue of being bullied is brought into the open by the school and the community is made aware of the “no bullying policy” the school gains a reputation of being safe for all children and is seen as an active partner in taking care of children. The benefits to the children are great. When students know that the school is not bullying tolerate, they can relax and divert more attention to learning. Even students who witness the bullying are more comfortable, because they know that the school is against bully....

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