Bullying Leads To Self Harm Essay

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Today bullying is a big issue especially among young people. Bullying is now a very vast subject, from cyber bullying to stealing another’s lunch money. This is making a negative effect to all that have been a victim of bullying. Studies show that victims of bullying are more likely to self harm. Self-harm is another broad subject, from cutting or burning to committing suicide. If bullying lessened so would the amount of self-harm.
Bullying effects people in many different ways. There are the victims of bullying whom don’t take it lightly. There are also the bystanders whom may take a stand or not. Bystanders, if around the same age, don’t interfere in fear of being bullied themselves. When ...view middle of the document...

In the United States, 49 out of 50 states have laws against bullying but only 13 have laws against cyber-bullying. Thats a good start but, every state, every country, every place should ban bullying. If bullying were stopped the rate of self-harm and suicide would go down with it, not completely but enough to make a big difference. Victims of bullying would be more likely to report being bullied if there was a bigger support system, more people to reach out to, and a more positive surrounding.
Suicide is still known as self-harm, extreme self-harm. Suicide is committed every 40 seconds. A person commits suicide when they have nothing to look forward to, have low self esteem, feel all alone, and having a bully makes the process even quicker for them to decide it just isn’t worth it anymore. Any self harm is really the same way except the part of deciding to end it all doesn't always occur. For example when someone cuts it isn’t to cause themselves more pain, they feel as though it releases their stress and emotions, like an outlet. This goes in cycles; emotional suffering to emotional overload to panic to self-harm, from self harm comes temporary relief to shame and grief right back to emotional suffering....

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