Bullying Or Killing? Essay

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Bullying is “hurting or frightening someone who is smaller or less powerful than you, often forcing them to do something they do not want to do”. The image that used to be associated with bullying- pulling girls’ hair, tripping other kids or even pinning mean notes on their backs- ha completely changed into something much more dangerous ad complicated.
Everyday people around us commit suicide because they are victims of bullying. When death is the result of bullying, you did not just bully someone, but you just murdered them intead, even if that was not the goal. They feel like death is the only way out of misery. But it is not. If you show your face instead of your back to the perpetrator, he will be taken by surprise and might stop. If this is not the case going to see an adult is what you have left to do.
Family is the main reason for bullying. The environment in which one grew up in and the education received, deeply affects an individual’s behaviour at school. Lack of parents’ approval or control can lead to a certain insecurity which results in their bullying others.
There are four different types of bullying: verbal, physical, social and a much more recent one which started with our modern media generation known as cyber bullying.
Cyber bullying has become the worst kind of bullying as it is the only mean that cannot be restricted within a certain area. Nowadays, with modern technology, information, true and false, can be spread to the four corners of the world instantly.
Recent stories of girls having committed suicide after having been anonymously harassed on ask.fm have been multiplying. Parents do not realise the dangers of these websites and will not know whether their child is being bullied as only one out of ten will tell them if they are being harassed online.
The number of cyber bullies and their victims is increasing some more every year as more and more people use smartphones. Over 80% of teenagers in...

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