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Remember being a little kid and being pushed down on the playground, being picked last in middle school, or being called horrible names in high school? Those are just a few examples of how people are bullied. A person who repeatedly physically or verbally torments or harasses someone in anyway is bullying (“Bullying” par. 1). It unfortunately happens almost everywhere. It’s a huge problem that is beginning to take over schools. Middle school is an especially troublesome time because this is the time where kids are just trying to be accept by others and they are the most vulnerable. Bullying damages children and teens in all aspects. (“Verbal” par. 4) Depending on how they are being bullied it can affect them physical, emotionally, and even physiologically. (“Verbal” par. 4) There are tragic stories of suicides and teenagers cutting themselves everywhere because of being bullied and finally they’ve reached their last straw. (“Verbal” par. 4) Which makes since because kids who are being bullied are twice as likely to commit suicide compared to someone who is not being bullied. (Murray par. 5) Suicide has hit number three on what kills teenagers in the United States. (Murray par. 6) Victims who become bullied are normally people who try to separate themselves from conflict. (“Bullies” par. 7) They normally are “loners” or “outcasts”, which makes them more vulnerable to become the victim. (“Bullies” par. 7) They may like different types of music, dress unlike others, or have a disability. (Petrocelli par. 3) Children who are being bullied often show common signs like crying and not wanting to go to school. (“Bullying” par. 4) Many say people bully others because they themselves feel like “outcasts” or like they have no friends but actually bullies are usually popular. (Luscombe par. 7) Young teens normally side with the bully for their act of toughness. Some even try be like them. (Luscombe par. 5) Cyber bullying, being physical bullied, or being verbally bullied are just a few different ways bullying can affect you.
Being verbally bullied is one of the more common way to bully someone because it is so easy to do. It is very popular in schools in grades of all ages. Anytime something hurtful is being said that can emotional or physiologically harm another person, that is bullying them verbally.This can include naming calling, mocking, and anything that is done to just degrade somebody. Many have trouble deciding what to consider verbally bullying is. People usually think of bullying as more of a physical act and putting in a verbal perspective is sometimes hard for them to grasp. As teenagers get older they tend to lean more to verbally bullying someone rather than physically. Unlike being physically abused there are not any bruises that are signs that somebody is being verbally bullied. Unless the victim confides in a family friend or people witnessed it, there is no way to tell. Not only does verbal abuse hurt when its being said but it also...

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