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Bullying Starts At Home Essay

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People argue that bullying starts in the home, but what if it’s bigger than that? Some cultures are known for their hierarchy of the family model. The man is at the head of the family; he and his sons are of the most importance, and the mother and children are secondary. This type of hierarchy often leads to bullying that begins in the home, and leaks out into the community, sometimes even an entire culture. What evidence the literature available to date demonstrates ethnic groups, or culturally indentified customs that promote bullying behaviors in men?
When someone thinks of bullying, a typical image that comes to mind is a school hallway, a bigger kid throwing a smaller kid into a locker, and some belittling phrases. However, bullying can occur in many different forms, and on different levels of severity. In some cultures, men are taught growing up that they are dominant over females. “Many have debated the definition of culture. Overall, most agree with the definition that culture is an acquired and transmitted pattern of shared meaning, feeling, and behavior that constitutes a distinctive human group” (Ayman & Korabik, 2010).
As these young boys grow up, become husbands and fathers, these men begin to treat their wives poorly, often bullying them verbally, mentally, or even physically. This bullying can lead to violence. When young children are involved, especially boys, they see the way their father treats their mother, learn that they do not have to respect their mother, and it becomes the norm for them too. When they become adults, they treat women the way it was modeled to them; as their father did. This can be a cultural norm for different ethnicities and cultures. When bullying infiltrates Bronfenbrenner’s macrosystem, which is an individual’s influences from the outside world, it becomes a cultural norm; very hard to break. This leaves many married women, single women, teenage girls, and young girls victims of bullying, and sometimes even physical violence.
Many people wonder how this trend of bullying begins. It starts at an early age, with the gender schema theory. This theory states that “children's gender identity motivates the learning and adoption of gender stereotypes. In this theory, the attainment of basic gender identity around ages 2–3 years spurs intergroup cognitions of the sort described by cognitive exaggeration of differences between the sexes, attraction to the in-group, and derogation and homogenization of the out-group” (Tobin et al, 2010).
An example of this gender schema theory is the Latino male culture. According to Abreu (2000), Children born into traditional Latino families in which male and female roles are strictly defined are likely to be socialized to assume their respective gender roles. When men are paying attention to their gender identity from such an early age, they begin to recognize the patterns, attitudes, and general disposition of the adult males in their lives. When they see these...

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