Bullying The Freaks And Geeks Essay

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Bullying the Freaks and Geeks
Walking down the school hall to the next class, the bully appears before his prey. He stands before his soon to be victims as if he is two feet taller and ten times stronger. His victims attempt to ignore him, but he stops them and puts his face in front of theirs to make sure his presence is known. He then abruptly decides to save his senseless punishment for another day as he passes by with a slight shoulder nudge. In today’s high schools, the majority of bullying incidents occur in this fashion. A bully finds the weakest kids and targets them. Freaks and Geeks, a television show, demonstrates these specific bullying instances and their effect on the character Bill Haverchuck. The pain bullying causes goes beyond surface level bruises and stretches to damaging internal feelings. When analyzing Freaks and Geeks, it is apparent that this television show demonstrates the physical and emotional effects of bullying through character Bill Haverchuck.
As a breeding ground for bullies, high school has become a place that is miserable for select students. If a student is not a prime athlete or is not accepted by their peers, he is more than likely going to be bullied at some point during his high school career. The geeks of any high school normally endure the majority of bullying. The consequences of insults and physical abuse on students are horrible. Bullying can cause severe emotional problems. From insecurity to a lack of self-worth, students begin feeling negatively about themselves and their lives. Bill Haverchuck, a character from Freaks and Geeks, goes through the same hardships as real life bullied victims.
Presenting a typical high school environment, Freaks and Geeks displays the common features a high school student’s life. Bill Haverchuck, a character who is considered a geek, was utilized throughout the first season of Freaks and Geeks to show how kids are affected by bullies. The context of this series is that Bill has just entered into high school. His friend group consists of two other science fiction loving guys. Sam and Neil, Bill’s friends, consistently question their likeability and attempt to create ways to fit in with the popular crowds. All three characters are into science fiction and are considered geeks. Consequently, they have the same bully. Allen, their bully, finds any opportunity he can to tease, make fun, or physically hurt his victims. Bill and his friends create plans to avoid Allen at all costs throughout the series. This is common in most high schools today. Students who tend to not fit the overall social expectation of their peers end up being considered geeks. These students do whatever they can to avoid being bullied and to fit somewhere in the social hierarchy of high school.
Chokin’ and Tokin’, an episode of Freaks and Geeks, outlines the various effects bullies have on their victims. The episode begins with Bill and his friends walking down their school...

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