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Bullying: The Snowball Effect Essay

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Bulling does not just affect the victim, but it also affects everyone around them. Almost like a smoker causing a second hand smoking effect on by standers. The smoker being the bully and the chemicals from the cigarette, which harms everything around, being the effects of bullying after a long time. Just like how smoking cigarettes can have an affect, bullying can also have similar affect in the long run. That is exactly what bullying does, it completely change them as a person. It still has a negative affect on victims even after they have grown up and entered adult hood. Bullying causes a life long term effect that should be exposed rather than be hidden in obscurity.
When it comes to bullying, bullying comes in all shapes and sizes. For there are three major types of bullying,which are verbal, physical, and social bullying ( 1). Yes, of course there are several more sub-forms of bullying, but the ones listed above are the most looked at. An example of a verbal and physical bullying, which are most commonly used to bully someone are the spreading of rumors, embarrassing them out in public, hitting, and simply just teasing. Parents see these forms of bullying as not a big deal and as a part of growing up. But what some people do not think of it as, is that all the taunting and abuse truly has a huge impact on people. Verbal abuse can hurt more than physical abuse, it may not seem like it, but it does. Of course all forms of bullying hurts. Yet, words hurt more simply because verbal abuse words stays in the mind of someone forever as to an actual physical abuse which leaves a bruise for a couple of days.
A “rite of passage” some may call what is known to others as bullying. Many people assume that bullying is just a stage and that it is just a part of growing up. Well, let me tell you this, that is completely incorrect. Over the years bullying has taken a complete drastic change. What many may have considered in the past a “rite of passage” is surely incorrect. “...bullying was deemed a rite of passage, that is not the case anymore says a Defense Department officer in the article “Days of Bullying as Rite of Passage Are Gone, Official Says” (Sanchez 1). Bullying may have first started as a this rite of passage but not anymore, not after many problems it has caused. Most parents think their bullied child is just going through a phase. Over the years bullying has got so bad that most victims of bullying are afraid to even attend school. According to approximately 160,000 teens skip school each day, due to fear of being harassed ( 1). Teens are living in fear that they will get hurt. Most teens turn to their teachers or school staff. Yet even then most schools, teachers, and staff rarely do anything to help the victims. It is time that the school enforces discipline and offers a hand to those in much need.
Like any other problem bullying has its consequences, sometimes very severe...

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