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Bullying: Types Of Parental Control That Are Linked To The Child Being A Victim

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Some children, unfortunately, occupy the role of victim repeatedly which might suggest that some children may have personality traits or other characteristics that make them more prone to victimization over others. Victims tend to be smaller in size; look younger than they really are and act less mature compared to their peers. They might also have an unusual physical feature such as a large beauty mark. They also have low self-esteem and low self- confidence. They tend to blame the fact that they are being bullied on themselves so this makes them a convenient target. On a highly confident child, the bullying might not make a mark and the bully will look silly (Warren, 2011).
There are three types of parental control that are linked to the child being a victim. First, when the mother of the victimized child treats the child younger than they are, when the mother controls the child’s free time. The child will have an unusually close relationship with the mother. Such a mother impairs the child’s development in physical play, exploration and risk-taking. A child that is smothered to this degree is left unable to properly take charge of himself. He is left weak and feels inadequate. Such a child is unable to effectively handle peer conflicts. A second type of parental control is a parent that tries to manipulate and invalidate a child’s thoughts and feelings. This seriously damages the child’s self-esteem. Such a parent is threatening to remove love if the child doesn’t conform. A third type is coercion, which includes bossiness, sarcasm and verbal attacks. All of these weaken the child’s feeling of being loved and respected (Turkel, 2007).
Research on the family factors of victims is controversial. Some researchers believe that the profile of bullies is very similar and some believe them to be very different. Similar profiles include that victims may also come from authoritarian, controlling homes. The victims are reported to be very insecure and have disagreeable relations with their family. To contrast this view, victims have reported to feel high cohesiveness within their families (Ahmed, E., & Braithwaite, V. 2004).
Studies show that in 85% of bullying incidents the peers present often play a role in reinforcing the negative behavior against some victims.
There is research that shows that students with certain disabilities are more likely to be victimized and that it happens more often in an integrated setting than in a special education setting. Children with autism and ADHD appear to be particularly vulnerable to bullying. Children with learning disabilities and children with special health care needs are also more likely to be victimized. In specific, students with emotional and behavioral disorders are not only more likely to be bullied and be more severely victimized than students without disabilities or with other disabilities but they themselves are more likely to become bullies. Individuals with emotional and behavioral disorders...

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