Bullying Within The School Organization Essay

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Bullying within the school organizationIn the last couple of years, America has seen an increased in bullying cases within the school organization. We have witness events in the media where young and older adults take there live due to the pressures of bullying. Schools and parents across the nation are frightened and horrified by these acts. It's a dilemma that we as parents are concern with, unfortunately bullying rates have only ...view middle of the document...

Everybody's problemBullying and violence in the schools have become a prevalent issue in today's education. With the recent school shootings, it is imperative that preventive steps are taken in order to prevent these violent acts. Often time's school shootings are a result of the shooter continuously being bullied and harassed by his or her peers. Because the victim feels there is no other way to handle the abuse they turn to violence. When bullying is addressed early, the chances that the violence will occur decrease. However, many times bullying is not addressed in schools because educators are not prepared to deal with situation. Educators may not be able to recognize bullying because they are not properly trained to identify key bullying behaviors. Because males and females tend to harass their peers in different ways, it is significant that educators know what to look for when preventing bullying in the school.ReferencesBullying. (2011, Aug 31). Tulsa World Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/886770189?accountid=458Campbell, J. (2005, Oct 30). School systems target bullying. Messenger Inquirer Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/378338890?accountid=458

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